Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sigma Fall Softly Collection | Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)

We all know I love myself a cheeky new Sigma collection so when my friend at Sigma got in touch and asked if I wanted to do a giveaway along with my usual review & demo of their new collection, of course I said yes! Sigma is one of my favourite brands and I think you'll love them too. (If you don't already!)

The thing I like about this eyeshadow palette is that it's not your typical 'fall' palette. 'Where are the rusty brown hues?!' I hear you cry. The colours are icy and cold looking and scream winter to me. (Some of them are almost spring-like too.) Do you remember Sigma's Creme de Couture palette? It has the same kind of vibe with the unusual yet welcome shades.

Most of the shades have a matte finish but there are a few frosty shade in there too.

The pigmentation is pretty nice throughout although since most if these shades are light, you may need to add a white base if you want the colours to pop. As always with Sigma shadows, they're very easy to apply and blend and last the day on the lids as long as you're using a primer.

For Cute! / Modesty / Heavenly / Cheeky
There are also four new blush shades in this collection. I never know what to say about blushes since I only wear one or two but here are the swatches!

Tender / All Heart / Slip

I've been enjoying lip glosses a lot recently so I'm happy to have three more in my collection. These Sigma ones are really lovely. They're thick and creamy and have a good amount of colour to them. At first I was a little confused about how to use the brown gloss and not have it look like I'd just eaten a chocolate glazed doughnut, but if you wear it over top of the oh so popular 90s nude-brown lipstick, then you're good to go!

Go Dutch / Indulgent / Love Sick
Finally, the Lip Bases which are essentially chunky lip pencils. I LOVE these. Sigma hasn't done anything like this before so I was pretty excited to try them out. They're matte, easy to apply and last a good amount of time on the lips. Since I'm into a glossy finish at the moment I've been pairing them with a lipgloss, but you can definitely wear these on their own.

Giveaway is closed.

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