Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks Review

Since I'm no stranger to Gerard Cosmetics and I'm quite the fan of their lip glosses (review here) naturally, I was pretty excited when I found out they would be releasing some lipsticks.

Fire Engine / All Dolled Up / Tequila Sunrise / 1995 / Nude

These lipsticks are all matte shades with creamy yet long lasting formulas. I've been living in my 1995 lipstick for the past month or so and I haven't found myself having to touch it up through the day which is always something that puts a lip product in my good books. When I found out that Jaclyn Hill was working with GC to develop her own shade (now shades), I knew I could trust the formulation because she's definitely someone whose opinion you can trust and she wouldn't put her name to something if it was bad quality.

Although they're matte, they're not drying in the slightest. (They may look a tad drying in the photos, but I promise that's just the dragon scaled lips of a dehydrated blogger.)
EDIT: After writing this post and wearing more of these shades, I find that Tequila Sunrise and All Dolled Up, after some wear, tend to look a little dried out. They fade in the centre and cling to any dry skin you might have on your lips. I probably wouldn't recommend these shades if your lips are often chapped!

Something I've seen people complain about is the smell of these lipsticks so I wanted to address that here just in case you were wondering. They don't smell the greatest but they don't smell bad and it certainly doesn't put me off using them. They smell somewhat plastic-y but not 'stale' like I've seen some people describe the smell. I wonder if people have become so accustomed to the delicious smell of MAC lipsticks and forgotten how 'meh' lipsticks usually smell? I don't know. It doesn't bother me. I'm not sticking the bullet up my nose holes.

The only thing that disappointed me with these lipsticks is their presentation. The above photo was taken before I'd used them. A couple of the lipsticks had deep scratches in the packaging, many of the lipsticks have grooves and dents down the bullet, and one of them was smushed right into the lid and the bullet wasn't even attached anymore. I hate to say it, because the word sounds so snobby, but they do look somewhat cheap to me. BUT. That doesn't mean that I don't recommend them and don't love their formula. The formula is beautiful. I just think presentation needs a lil work.

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