Monday, October 27, 2014

Infected (Zombie Makeup Tutorial)

For this video I wanted to do a newly 'Infected' zombie look. My original plan was to go with a really ill looking makeup and a zombie bite to suggest that the person had been bitten and was slowly turning into a zombie. Then I got carried away with the boils and the green and purple colour palette and I decided to ditch the bite completely because the boils were definitely enough!

I've been watching The Walking Dead this week (all four season in three days to be exact) so I've developed quite the obsession with zombie makeup. I've always admired the makeup on the show and always said that's the kind of show I'd want to work on, back in the day when I wanted to do makeup for film and TV, but I'd never actually watched the show. I've wanted to watch it for ages but never got round to it until recently and man was I missing out!

Like I mention at the end of the video, I've been going through a bit of a creative rut recently and haven't liked anything I've filmed for the past two weeks but I'm back now! I feel inspired and I've planned a lot of looks and I think my channel is going to see a lot more character looks/creative projects from now on!