Friday, August 16, 2013

Frosty Midnight Forest

Today's look I decided to make up on the spot. I decided to use colours I rarely use, like the green, silver, and pink because I really needed to step out of my comfort zone of dark smokey looks. I've also decided that I need to do this way more often. Not because I'm not happy with my standard smokey eyes, because I am, that's my thing. But for creativity's sake. I'm going to challenge myself to branch out over the next few months and see where that leaves me and what my go-to look ends up being.
(Also ignore my stained hair line, my hair is freshly dyed. ;)

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

July Favourites & Mini Update

Hey! I say it in the video but I'll say it again. I am soooo sorry I haven't uploaded for a while! I've been busy. Sometimes life gets in the way of things. And sometimes you spontaneously decide to move 200 miles away from home and have to relocate your entire life, hahaha. I'm back now and I'm back for good. And I'll be able to upload way more often (once I've settled in properly) because I now have the time and space to film. Many of you won't know but for the past year or so I've kind of been living in two places; Halifax and London. London is where my life is, where my boyfriend is, where my friends are, where I get work! So every two weeks I would go down and spend a week in London and then spend two weeks at home bored out of my skull. I would have to pre-film videos for the week that I wasn't at home because obviously my filming equipment was in Halifax. But now I won't have to do that! I can just live my life and not have to worry about planning ahead so much.
Back in Halifax my bedroom was in my mom's attic, I couldn't even stand up! So filming at the best of times was always a pain. But during summer it is actually impossible. I had to sleep in the living room because of the heat in that little greenhouse room. Filming with two really hot massive lamps shining in my face was not the most fun, hahaha. So this opportunity to move could not have come at a better time!

Here are my July Favourites! Tutorials will continue as normal this week! :)

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