Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 | Review & Tutorial

Ermahgerd, it's the Naked 3 palette!

Hey! So here's a thing everyone already knows about! The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I've got to admit, I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea this even existed until the day before it went on sale. It's taken me so long to get a review and tutorial posted because honestly, when I first got this palette I hated it. It's taken me a while to get used to it and figure out what works but we're in a good place now. We're not best friends but I no longer want to burn it. Progress!

Everything you need to know:
  • Price - £37 (Debenhams)
  • 12 new shades
  • Rose-hued neutrals
  • Mixture of finishes
  • Includes double ended brush & primer sample

I have to say it's a brave choice to create a palette dedicated to rose toned colours! Of course they're beautiful, but are they wearable? I've seen lots of people saying they can't wear the colours because they make them look ill or high (due to enhancing the pink tones in the skin/eyes) or they just don't show up very well on dark skin. I guess it's just a case of taking a gamble and seeing if it works for you because I for one can't work out the formula for what makes this work. Some dark eyed girls love it, some hate it. Some fair skinned girls with pink undertones love it, others hate it. Some tanned girls with warm undertones hate it, some love it. I just can't work it out! And I'm in no way bashing Urban Decay, they're definitely my favourite brand for eyeshadows. I just think that this one is a little bit more difficult to make work than the bronze neutrals of the Naked palette and the taupe neutrals of the Naked 2. 

Strange is a perfect highlight shade. In the pan it looks matte but it has a pearlescent sheen when applied. I thought I'd applied it with a brush that has some shimmer on it, but nope! It's gorgeous.
Dust is my favourite colour in the entire palette. It's not the best in terms of pigmentation, but how can you say no to something that looks so much like fairy dust?! Trick and Buzz also have flecks of glitter but are a lot more pigmented. My only issue with these shades is the fall out. You're going to need some sticky tape on hand to pick up all that glitter. But, that's the same with every glitter shade I find.

Nooner is the second matte shade, Limit being the first. They both look like they have a lot more red in them once applied than they do in the pan butI actually really like these two shades. They're great for in the crease and can easily be blended out seamlessly in any smokey look. Even though they're matte, they're still nice and velvety in terms of application. They're not going to look patchy when applied. 
Factory and Mugshot are my next two favourites in this palette. They're the most wearable for my style. 
Blackheart was a little disappointing. The red flecks of glitter didn't transfer as well as I'd hoped and you're left with more of a smokey purpley black. Which personally I don't mind and love to use as a liner, but if you're wanting it to look like it does in the pan on your face, then don't get too excited. 

Here's a look I created with this palette:

Overall, I think the colours are beautiful but they're not for me. I kind of wish they'd released this as separate palette instead of part of the Naked series. What do you think of this palette? And which one is your favourite in the Naked series? Mine has to be the Naked 2!