Emma Pickles is the beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog of me, Emma! All the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are my own. The trust of my readers is important to me so I believe in full transparency.

Often this blog will feature reviews of products and many of those products will have been sent to me by PR companies and brands. Just because a company sends me something to try out does not guarantee it a feature on my blog or my YouTube channel. I will only ever feature products I think are worth talking about. (That's why all my reviews are mostly positive - I wouldn't waste time talking about the rubbish stuff I'm sent.) I will always let you know if an item has been sent to me.

Every now and then I will accept a sponsor opportunity on my blog and YouTube channel. A sponsorship basically means I am paid in exchange for exposure of a product and compensated for my time. I do not accept scripted contracts and will only ever voice my own opinion. In other words, I won't be paid to do an exclusively positive review of a product or to feature something I don't believe in. If I don't have creative freedom and I can't mention the pros and the cons, I won't accept. (I was a reader and viewer long before I was a creator so I know how much it sucks when people just turn into a big sponsored mess and don't believe in the things they're trying to sell you.) These posts/videos will be clearly marked.

Affiliate Links 
If there is a link marked with an asterisk (*) then it is an affiliate link. This means I get a percentage of any sales made through that link. That percentage changes from brand to brand but it's usually around 10%.

Tracking Links
Sometimes a link will have a suffix similar to: '?link=emma'. This is not an affiliate link. This is something companies do to track the amount of traffic I send to their site. This often determines whether or not we continue working closely together.

Coupon Codes
Every now and then companies will set up coupon codes for me to offer my readers/viewers. Sometimes, sales made using these coupon codes will give me a percentage of the sale made (again, around 10%). These codes are pretty rare, at least in my experience so far, but I will mark these codes with an asterisk (*) again to signify that I am making a profit from the sales, similar to affiliate links.