Friday, October 03, 2014

GRWM: Current Go-To Look & Rae Morris Brush Review

This week I decided I'd try filming a 'Get Ready With Me' video... Usually I do voice-overs so this was really different for me and somewhat nerve wracking if I'm honest!

I decided to do a GRWM video because I had so many videos I wanted to film on that day. I wanted to film my current go-to look, a regular makeup tutorial (to balance out the crazy I've been uploading recently) and the Rae Morris brush review I'd promised a lot of you. Instead of doing them all separately I decided to smush them all together into one video! The feedback so far has been wonderful so I will definitely make a habit of filming GRWM videos. They're difficult to do in my current living situation (my neighbours don't work so they never leave and constantly play music and punch each other - I wish I was kidding, and there's a construction site on the other side) but I will try my hardest to work around the noise for now and then next year I'm pretty sure I'm moving to a bigger place in Brighton and I'll be able to film whenever I'd like then!