Monday, September 29, 2014

Moon Elf (Elf Collaboration with KlairedelysArt)

Two years ago, at the first IMATS I ever went to, Klaire and I planned to do an elf collaboration and we just never got round to doing it! But today is finally the day... Almost two years later and our collab is finally here!

We didn't really set ourselves any rules, we just went away and did our own thing. I did a Moon Elf and Klaire did a Dying Elf which you can watch here.

I also made my own armour! Recently I've been watching a lot of cosplay videos and learning about all the different techniques used for making costumes/armour and I decided to give it a go and made my very first breastplate! It's a little rough around the edges and not very symmetrical but I am SO proud of how it turned out. I'm actually turning a corner of my kitchen into a little workshop so I can continue making my own costumes, so once I start my second channel I will definitely document it and take you on my learning journey with me!

This video had a very short turn around time. I actually managed to film, do audio, edit it all together and edit the final photo in less than 24 hours which is quite the achievement since my videos usually take around 2-3 days! The reason I had such a small amount of time was because on the day I'd set aside for filming earlier in the week the look didn't turn out how I wanted it to. It was a Dark Elf warrior but I just wasn't happy with how she looked so I scrapped that idea (for now anyway). The day after I had press tickets to cover a gaming event. And then it was the day before upload day and I still didn't have a character so I just sat down and made it up as I went along. Half way through I realised I was creating a Moon Elf, so I just went with it and I'm so happy with how she turned out!

I'm definitely going to be doing an elf series on my channel since I had so much fun with this one. I sat around in my house like this all day and didn't want to wash it off!