Saturday, September 13, 2014

Melt Cosmetics Lipsticks

Ever since I bought and fell in love with Space Cake at IMATS I've wanted to try out more Melt Cosmetics lipsticks. So in order to expand my collection and intensify my love, recently I picked up two other shades and yet again, I'm blown away by the colours and the quality.

Bane / Space Cake / By Starlight

The colour pay off in insane as you can see in the swatches. I might even go as far as saying that these are the most pigmented lipsticks I've ever used. (The ones I've tried so far, at least.) The only 'issue' I had was the very pinky toned halo you can get around the edges if you haven't applied By Starlight evenly. It also leaves a slight staining on the lips like many purple products do. This doesn't personally bother me but it's the only con I could think of!

Bane with MAC eyeshadow in Humid in the centre of the lip. Click photo for tutorial!

The lipsticks are matte but not drying in the slightest and can be finished with a gloss without any disruption to the product placement. And as you know, I'm very into glossy lips at the moment so I've been wearing Bane with Whitening Lightning's Borneo over top and hot damn, it looks amazing. (If you're interested in Whitening Lightning lip glosses and fancy free shipping and 20% off you can use the code EMMA at the checkout.)

I love the range of colours Melt Cosmetics offer and I think they could absolutely slay the world of weird and wonderful lipstick shades if they added some more to their collection. What do you think? Have you tried them? And if not, what's stopping you?!

This is where I buy mine: Beauty B Cosmetics
And here is the official Melt Cosmetics Site.