Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Winter Forest Fairy Makeup Tutorial

This week I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with NikkieTutorials! We've known each other for years now and both have a lot of love for the weird and wonderful makeup looks so I'm pretty surprised we haven't worked together sooner! For our collab the theme was 'fantasy forest dwelling creatures' so I created a fairy and Nikkie created an elf. Fun stuff!

I decided to make my character a Winter Forest Fairy since it's winter here. But since I plan on doing a bunch of fantasy looks on my channel, an Ice Queen being one of them, I didn't want to go full on with the icy looking makeup because I want to do that later on when I have the skill to.

Costume » I made the wings out of plastic wrapping and kept the folds in place with small white cross stitches. The crown is just made from cardboard, a row of fake lavender, some beads painted red like berries and finished with a spritz of white hair spray for the touch of snow!
The wig is from DivasWigs.

Here's are the videos:

How much do you want to wear sparkly brows after watching Nikkie's video? I can't believe how wearable she made them look! Note to self: Try glittery brows soon.