Monday, August 11, 2014

Sigma Standout Eyes - Gel Liner Collection Review

So I have to admit, I've been a little off my Sigma game recently. I'm usually straight on it with the reviews and videos every time they release something new but lately I've been so busy and I've only just had a chance to try these babies out!

Sigma Standout Eyes - Gel Liner Collection »
  • Gel Liner - 6 shades | $14
  • E06 - Winged Liner Brush | $14
  • E68 - Line Perfector Brush | $16

Application »
These gel liners glide on like butter. When I swatched them with my finger they instantly melted at the touch and glided on to my skin. This is exactly how I like my gel liners to be because it gives you enough time to play around with them and clean up the edges if you need to. (In the past I've thinned my liners with a cream makeup remover to get them to this consistency.) Then of course the gel sets and you continue with your life with your new beautiful wings.

Two new brushes also launched with this collection, the E06 Winged Liner Brush and the E68 Line Perfector brush. The E06's intended use is to apply the gel liner and the steeply angled bristles make it perfect to do so. Since the brush is so tiny and thin you can really only do the outline with this brush or you can disrupt your product placement if you keep going in with the fine edge. I'm sure once the brush has been used a few times and the bristles part a little it will work a lot better.
The E68 can also be used for applying the gel liner but I would definitely recommend this for powder products such as eyeshadow. I always set my gel liner in place with an eyeshadow because I love the effect it gives and it's also a foolproof way of smoothing the edges. (It also works great for brows!) You may have seen me use a similar shaped brush in videos and people always ask where I got it from. Truth is it's just a paint brush from an art store so now I'm happy to have an actual makeup brush which is exactly the same thing but isn't as prickly.

Wicked / Stunningly Ladylike / Liberally Toasted / Standout Peacock / Unexpected / Royally Striking

Pigmentation » 
As you can see, these are incredibly well pigmented. The only one I didn't get along with was Royally Striking (the purple one). For some reason it applied quite streaky and therefore dries uneven which is a shame because it's a beautiful colour. The best way to handle this is to do two layers and set with a similar coloured eyeshadow.
Also, I was curious to see if I could use the brown shades on my eyebrows too. (Think Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Brow Pomade.) A little goes a long way and will give you quite a strong looking brow but it works!

Ombre liner: Unexpected / Standout Peacock / Wicked | (Royally Striking on the waterline)

Longevity / wear » 
Once these gel liners set, they stay where they're put with no transferring on to the lid and for me lasted until I took my makeup off at the end of the day. They can however look a little bit dry and flake off if you build up too much product. Royally Striking is the weak link again as it tends to be a bit flaky due to the amount of layers you need to get rid of the patchiness.

Now I know this is pretty random and I don't know why I thought to do it. But I also tested one of the shades out on my lips. As soon as I saw Unexpected I knew I wanted a lipstick in that shade because I'm all about that alien chic right now. So I gave it a go and it turned out great! It's slightly drying but the feel of it on the lips is similar to the Lime Crime Velvetines, so if you're used to that kind of thing then this won't bother you one bit. It even lasted through food and drinks which I did not expect!

Overall I'm pretty pleased with these liners. Especially now I know they can double up as other products too! They have a good range of colours (although I would love to see some more brights added to the collection eventually), they're long lasting and they're easy to work. Sigma, you've done me proud yet again!

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Gel liners »
Wicked (Black)
Stunningly Ladylike (Dark Brown)
Liberally Toasted (Light Warm Brown)
Standout Peacock (Deep Blue)
Unexpected (Stone Grey)
Royally Striking (Purple)

Brushes »
E06 - Winged Liner Brush 
E68 - Line Perfector Brush

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