Friday, July 04, 2014

IMATS London 2014 Haul

Last weekend I went to IMATS and had such an amazing time! I got to meet so many of you guys and it really hit home how many people watch my videos and support me. It's crazy. Every stall I went to there was another person to meet and take photos with and it was honestly so heartwarming. You were all so sweet and full of ideas and creativity and it was lovely to see!

I feel so inspired after this weekend. You might have noticed my lack of uploads recently and that's because I've felt so uninspired and I'm sick of seeing the same old shit on YouTube so I didn't want to just upload for the sake of it. So it's really nice to have that inspiration and drive again. I have so many collaboration videos planned, made so many new friends, and overall just had a really lovely, inspirational weekend.

Anyway. Enough chatter. Here's my haul! I also have a little vlog coming up as a bonus video this weekend so keep an eye out for that!

(Everything mentioned is linked in the description over on the video page. :))