Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1:Face Charity Watch

I was recently contacted by 1:Face Watch asking if I wanted to help bring attention to their site and help change the world, so of course I said yes! The idea is, you buy a watch and the money goes towards helping different charities and their causes. So for example, the money from one Cancer watch goes to the American Cancer Society and pays for support for 8 patients. The money from one AIDS watch goes to the Keep A Child Alive charity and pays for treatment for 8 patients... Please keep on reading if you want to know more about each watch and how you can get involved!

The watches are water resistant, the screens are made of tempered glass which means they shouldn't crack unless there is very heavy impact, the battery can be changed, and there is a one year warranty on every watch. Hurrah!

Below you can see the watches and how your money helps:

And once you click on the watches you can also see a bit more info about Who, What, and Why:

I think this is a wonderful site and well worth checking out if you want to do some good for the world and get something pretty awesome in return. :)

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