Saturday, May 31, 2014

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow

Recently I was lucky enough to be able to try out ColourPop's new Super Shock Shadows. Lucky, not just because they're awesome products, but because they only ship to the US and I shouldn't really be able to get my hands on these, mehehe. So, US readers... This one's for you! (Sorry everyone else. Sadface. They are working on international shipping though so I'll keep you posted!)

Here's some info:
  • Cruelty free!
  • $5 per shadow 
  • California born & raised 
  • Free shipping to the US on orders of $30 or more

First things first... That packaging. You could throw that baby off the top of a cliff and the shadows would still be in mint condition. (Maybe... I wouldn't try it. Just in case.) But it's definitely going to survive the postal service, that's for sure. The containers themselves are pretty sturdy too.

Juicer / Envy / Ratchet
The swatches are one swipe only with no primer or base. As you can see, the colours aren't as intense as they are in the pan, but they're definitely buildable and of course pop more when applied on top of a white base. 
Juicer - Yellow with a satin finish 
Envy - Black with violet glitter
Ratchet - Black with silver and pink glitter

3 / Sunnies / Rex

3 - Cool toned bronze with multicolored glitter
Sunnies - Orange with a satin finish
Rex - Black with blue glitter

The texture of these shadows is something I've never come across before. They feel so... spongy?! And creamy... and silky! It's so strange. When I first felt them I was convinced that they wouldn't last long on the lid. I thought they'd be too silky and just slide around, but I was wrong! They lasted around 4 to 5 hours which is the max amount of time I can get out of eyeshadows before my greasy lids start creasing everything up. The best way to apply these is with your finger as they don't pick up very well on brushes. My suggestion would be to apply your smoke out colour first, pat your Super Shock Shadow over the lid, then use a fluffy brush to buff that product upwards into the crease.

Overall, I really love these little guys. They stay on for the day, the packaging is cute and practical and there are lots of beautiful colours available. Sunnies, Juicer and 3 have to be my favourite shades (out of the ones I tried) and the above look has quickly become one of my new go-to looks for summer!

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