Saturday, April 06, 2013

Scratch Nail Wraps

I'd never used nail wraps before Scratch sent me a few designs to try out, and I must say, nail wraps have themselves a new fan! I've mentioned a couple of times in my videos that I really hate nail polish. I don't have the time to sit around waiting for the first coat to dry, never mind the second or the third! But I do love me some pretty nails so I'm always looking for alternatives. Recently I've been wearing a lot of false nails because they're so convenient to glue on and get going. But these nail wraps are also just as convenient.

Let me tell you a little bit about Scratch nail wraps:

  • The wraps are 'screen printed with nail polish ink to create a pliable thin layer that goes on easily and smooths down nicely on your nail'
  • The wraps come 'packaged with a top and bottom plastic protecter that prevents them from drying out and allows you to break off just the wrap you want to use'
  • No heating required and not a sticker
  • $25 approx £16 for a collection of three designs or $12 approx £8 for a single set
  • 16 wraps per set
  • Comes with a pink nail file and cuticle stick
  • Single use

The first thing I want to talk about is the designs. They are beautiful! The designs I got were Rococo Gold, Bow Ties, and Vintage Rose:

Each month Scratch works with a different artist to create three new designs and that can be bought on their website. Right now they have a Kickstarter campaign to launch three different designs. It's best to follow them on Twitter if you want to keep on top of new designs as it can be a little confusing to start with.

Vintage Rose was my favourite. It has such a Cath Kidston vibe. Unfortunately, because it was the first set I tried, I made the mistake of not adding a top coat and the ends crumpled up within a few hours of wearing them. Silly me! (Click here for a video on how to achieve a similar look with nail polish.)

Rococo Gold actually inspired an entire video! I thought they would be perfect for a black and gold themed 'Little Black Dress | Completed Look'. I include a mini how-to in the video. But I will also go in to that in a moment.

The final design is the Bow Ties. I was not too impressed by this design. As you can see in the photo, the bow design is part cut off on the last three fingers. Also I personally really dislike the colour. I would never wear this shade of pink. But each to their own!

Now for application. It's super simple and super quick:
First, find the nail size that suits you. They're already shaped at the bottom so no faffing around there! Peel off the protective covers, then press down on to the nail. You don't even have to heat them up like most other nail wraps. If you place it in the wrong place, you can easily peel it off and re-position it without losing any of the stickiness. Next you can either just pull off the excess or cut it off with some nail scissors. You're supposed to just pull it off, but when I did that I stretched the design and made a mess of it. Fold the rest behind the nail so it's easier to file down the edges. Then definitely make sure you add a top coat to prevent the wrap from budging. But then you're good to go! Of course you have the waiting time for the top coat to dry, however I found that the wrap kind of soaked it up and it dried really fast.

The nail wraps with a top coat lasted for 5 days, which I definitely didn't expect. I thought they would only last for a day or two. To remove them you just use nail polish remover.

I really do love these nail wraps and I'll probably buy some more in the future. The only issue I initially had with them was the price. Obviously I don't know how much it is to manufacture nail wraps so I don't know how much they should be, but before trying them I would have been hesitant to spend $12/£8 on a one use set. However, they are a quality product and like I said, I'll probably buy them again.

Check out the other designs!

See the nails in action!