Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sigma Resort Palette Review & Tutorial

Let me tell you about something I'm loving right now. The Sigma Resort Palette. Oh my goodness.
I'm no stranger to Sigma, I've been buying my brushes from them for the past five years, but I've never tried their makeup so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am so impressed. 

Absolutely gorgeous packaging

As you can see it's a very colourful and fun palette which makes it perfect for summer. The first thing I want to draw attention to is how wearable these colour actually are. Very often you get palettes that are just all full of colour and they're very difficult to make work; you have to use colours from other palettes to darken up the outer V or take through the crease etc. With this palette, you have those colours included. If you were going on holiday or something and only wanted to bring one palette, this would be the one.

So these swatches are one swipe without any primer and look how pigmented they are! Imagine what they're going to look like with a base. Muse, Papaya, and Midori seem to be the least pigmented and felt kind of chalky to the touch, but again, it's nothing a base and layering can't fix. I've used 5/8 of the eyeshadows so far and I'm really impressed by how they pick up on the brush, and how they apply and blend. After swatching the colours I seriously cannot wait to use Fawn in a look. Below you can see a look I created with some of the colours.

Papaya, Topaz, Luna, Muse, Neela. Eyeliner in Daydream and Earth Goddess. Liquid Highlighter. 

Top right: Daydream & Earth Goddess   |     Bottom Left: Heavenly & Luminesce
Another thing that impressed me in this palette was the eyeliners. They're lovely and creamy which makes them really easy to apply. As you'll see in the video below, I was able to create a smooth line across my lid, which is often very difficult to achieve with eye liners because so many of them are too hard. The colours are beautiful. Earth Goddess has changed my mind about wearing brown eyeliner. It looked absolutely gorgeous with the colours in this palette.
Heavenly is a beautiful peachy matte blush. It's going to look gorgeous on tanned skin, and it also looked nice and natural on my pale skin, too. 
The liquid highlighter I had a few issues with. If you're as pale as I am, it is going to look far too golden on your skin. But I guess that makes sense as it's in a holiday palette, so it would look perfect on tanned and darker skin tones. I also found that it dries quite fast so you'll need to blend it into your skin quickly when you apply it. 

The Sigma Resort Palette is a limited edition palette so grab yours here while you still can!