Saturday, March 09, 2013

February Favourites


Once again I didn't get round to filming a monthly favourites video. And I know this is kind of late, but I did get some awesome things this month that I wanted to share. So grab yourself a coffee, it’s going to be a long one.

Each month I get to choose a few items from ROMWE, which is awesome because it enables me to do the style videos I want to do without making me dirt poor. However, because they only have a certain amount of each item in stock, they go out of stock very quickly before I even have a chance to share them with you. This month a lot of my favourite things came from them. And you guessed it; a lot of them are already out of stock. But I still feel like it’s worth sharing them with you, as you can get a feel for the awesome things that ROMWE sell. And I’m not just saying that because they send me stuff. There is a lot of shit on there too. There’s a nice balance.

My first favourite is this pair of boots. Quite obviously a rip off of the Dr. Martens style, but I’m not a brand or label snob, so I couldn't care less. Since I've never ordered footwear from ROMWE before, I didn't know what to expect. But I was very impressed with them. I've literally worn them every time I've left the house this month. The sole is extremely chunky and feels really substantial. This for me is great. I walk heavily on my heel, so the heel wears in a really funny way, so the thicker the sole, the longer the shoes last. The insole is nice and spongy, and they also came with a fluffy insole, which I think I’ll definitely use when winter rolls around, for warmth rather than comfort.
($129.99 approx £86)

Next up, I got these heels. I can’t really tell you what’s great about them, but there is also nothing wrong with them. They’re just a really nice pair of shoes. I like the design, I like the height of the heel, I like that there is a furry lining inside. The only thing I imagine some people would have a problem with is the material. It doesn't really look like leather. But, I don’t care. It’s more about the style for me. ($85.99 approx £58)

The last pair of shoes I got are these Black StuddedWestern Ankle Boots from River Island. I was drawn to them because of the studs. And then I saw they were on sale for £25 and I couldn't help myself. Although these are a favourite of this month, I have only worn them once. And this is because they cut up my feet really bad because I decided to wear them on a travel day and that was really stupid of me. I think I’m going to wear them more in the summer as they feel like summer boots to me. They also come in a tan colour which I really regret not buying. 

Moving on to clothes. I have two favourites this month and that’s my Eagle BOY jumper and my ‘Kristen Stewart Tee’, as I like to call it.
I can’t put my finger on why I like the BOY jumper so much. I want to say it looks edgy, but I’m worried I’ll come across like a hipster twat if I do. I know it’s a copy of the BOY London design, but I really love the eagle across the bust. It reminds me of one of those beautiful tattoo pieces people get across their chest. As for the jumper itself, the material is lovely and thick with a fleecy lining. My main concern was washing it. I expected the design to fade a little and it did. It’s more of a dark grey detail now rather than black. Which is fine, it still looks good.
($43.90 approx £29)
The Kristen Stewart Tee I've also had my eye on for a while. Most of the time I dress like a little boy so this baggy, oversize T-shirt was a must have. Because I’m quite small and this was only one size, it was a little bit too big for me. I had to wear a vest top underneath so it wasn't too revealing, but it looked really good with the addition of black. 
($25.99 approx £17)

Now for accessories. Once again from ROMWE. See, I told you they had some good stuff. I LOVE this ring. And a lot of you seemed to like it too when I posted a photo of it up on Instagram. It speaks for itself really, I just think it’s a really beautiful design. Unfortunately I ripped the head off of mine, I got it caught on my laptop bag and the weight of my laptop just pulled it clean off. I’m not sure if that’s a fault of mine of the ring itself. But it was nothing a bit of nail glue couldn't fix when I got on the train.
($12.99 approx £8.60)

Next up is this ears beanie. And oh sweet Christ isn’t it just the funniest thing you’ve ever seen? I swear down, every time I catch my reflection in a window or a mirror when I’m wearing this, I have to stifle a laugh. The ears are a little odd, but I think it adds to the charm of it. Note to wearer: if you don’t like people looking at you in the street, don’t wear this hat. Honestly, I get the strangest looks when I’m wearing this hat. So if you’re a little paranoid Percy, this accessory might not be for you.
It’s a worry of mine that when I wash these types of items that the shape is going to change or it’s going to shrink in the wash, but it survived the washing machine just fine.
($13.99 approx £9)


February has been a month more for clothes and accessories than makeup for me. I do have a few things worth sharing, though. 

First up I bought the L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream. This is perfect to wear if you’re just running errands and want to add a little bit of colour into your face. It does a really good job at evening out your skin tone and it really looks like a skin on skin. The product comes out a white colour and as you buff it into your skin it supposedly self-adjusts to match the colour of your skin. I got the lightest one there is and it is quite orange on my pale skin. Ideally, this is a product I would wear on its own as it has a lovely dewy finish. However, because of the colour, I have to layer a powder over the top to mute the orange tones. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great product, but the ‘smart pigment capsules’ maybe ain't that smart. It’s still faster than caking on a full face of foundation and it stops me looking like the walking dead, so I still consider it to be one of my favourites.

The next product I've been using a lot lately is the Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-on. I find that it’s perfect for pairing with the aforementioned BB Cream. That’s because once again, it’s like a skin on skin. It’s sheer enough to look natural and really blend into your skin, but it’s pigmented enough to cover up any darkness under your eyes. And spots too for that matter. It’s also GREAT for guys. I worked on a shoot at Google and let me tell you, it’s the best concealer for men. I find when I’m doing guy makeup that the key is to not get them looking perfect. For most men, they don’t wear makeup for everyday life, so generally it’s not expected of them to look flawless on camera either. So this product is perfect for no makeup-makeup. It also has caffeine in to help get rid of puffiness underneath the eyes, so it's ideal for morning shoots or just for waking up your eyes in your morning routine. 

While we’re still on the topic of skin, I have found a new bronzer! And it was only £1! I know a lot of people don’t like MUA, personally I think it’s a cheap makeup stigma thing, but I love it. This bronzer works just as well for contouring as my e.l.f one or my L'Oreal one. I’m using shade 3 and it’s very similar to the colour Buck in my Urban Decay Naked Palette. Which is perfect, because I like to use Buck to define my crease, which is essentially just contouring the eyes. So I’m super pleased with this product.

That’s really all I’ve bought this month… Last month. It’s only 9 days into March and I’ve already spent around £200 on makeup. (Oopsies.) So next month’s favourites might be a bit more makeup oriented!