Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Barry M Aquarium Nail Effects Collection

Just a quick post today on a collection I've been loving lately. I'm a huge fan of Barry M nail paints and I have this awful habit of picking up a new shade every time I go to Superdrug, so it was no surprise to me that I picked up this entire collection when I saw it in store. Although, I had to hunt down one of the shades in another shop and then ended up not packing it in my bag and having to go and buy it again! Useless, haha.

Here's some info:
  • 4 mirror two-tone shades
  • 2 glitter topcoats
  • Cruelty free/vegan
  • £3.99

First of all, the packing is wonderful. It's just their usual bottle design but with fish scales around the lid. I store my nail paints in a set of drawers so I can only see the tops when I pull it out so being able to differentiate between collections in this way is super useful.

Here are the four shades; Pacific, Arabian, Caspian & Mediterranean (left to right). All four are very high shine and very beautiful. The formula isn't as opaque as their other paints so you'll need a couple of coats for an even application, but just do thin coats and they'll be done in no time. I can never really talk about longevity when it comes to nail polishes as I'm extremely impatient and they end up dented before I've even finished painting them and I chip them within the first few hours because my nails are quite brittle and bendy... haha. But I was still able to wear them for a couple of days which is really the max amount of time I can wear any nail polish. 

The two topcoats in this collection are awesome. They're packed with glitter and almost make the polishes look foiled once applied over top. Mermaid has blue, green and gold chunks of glitter so is best worn over the top of Pacific and Arabian. And Treasure Chest has gold and rose gold chunks of glitter so is best worn over the top of Caspian and Mediterranean (demonstrated below). As always with glitter polishes you're going to have to put in a bit of extra work to evenly distribute the glitter, but I always just end up doing my initial coat then patting on the glitter in the places that need it instead of wiping in on.

Have you tried any of these polishes? :)